6 Mooncake Tips from the Experts - Part 2

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6 Mooncake Tips from the Experts - Part 2

Part two of our mooncake guide reveals more tips from Bakerzin’s team of modern mooncake experts. If you are the adventurous sort, Bakerzin’s exotic approach to mooncakes will be just your thing.

If you have read part one of our mooncake expert guide, you would have realised that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to these fascinating pastries. Mooncake connoisseurs like Bakerzin spend years perfecting their art, recipes and methods. Understanding this will help you find the right “one”. Part two of our guide features six comprehensive steps, from Bakerzin - the team of experts themselves, on how you could find the perfect modern mooncake!

Tips and Tricks from the Chefs of Bakerzin:

Bakerzin mooncakes are made fresh daily, and they are known for the highly precise and stringent method of producing top quality mooncakes using world class mooncake automation technology. They are, however, more recognised for their incredibly trendy and innovative mooncake flavours – with nine mooncake collections in total!

So here are their top six tips for choosing the right mooncakes:

  1. Reputation First - Choose a bakery that has a long-standing experience and reputation for quality mooncakes. Bakerzin has been creating mooncakes since 2005 and even has a team of dedicated R&D chefs! They invest a total of 11 months to research, plan, test and finally execute their strikingly exciting compositions.
  2. Smell and Touch - For traditional mooncakes, make sure the mooncakes are fragrant with a hint of sesame oil. It is best that they are either round or oval to symbolise the full moon and family reunion.
  3. Nutty Fresh Flavours - If you like nuts, choose mooncakes where the nuts are well-roasted and have a fresh and rich nutty flavour, not forgetting that crisp texture.
  4. Pillowy Snow Skin - While the skin should definitely be thin, it cannot be too thin as it provides a balance to the sweetness of the filling. At the same time, make sure the transparency of the skin is even and does not show through in patches.
  5. Beyond the Price - Do not buy mooncakes because they are cheap as it might mean the ingredients are not of good quality. However, a premium price doesn’t always mean a better quality either. So remember to taste before buying!
  6. Judge a Mooncake by its Cover - Mid-autumn is a traditional gift-giving season. Once satisfied with your flavour selection, go ahead and choose a visually-stunning package. Check out Bakerzin’s stunning Peranakan inspired tiffin mooncake box and matching tote bags! They can even be used when the season is over.

Chef’s recommendations

  1. For the young and adventurous: Pick the special Mini Momoyama Skin Mooncakes which includes flavours like the Purple Sweet Potato and Water Chestnut Momoyama Skin, Egg Custard Momoyama Skin, Osmanthus Lotus Momoyama Skin and Green Tea Kumquat Momoyama Skin. You will be delighted to know that the tasty baked “Momoyama” skin is made from butter-bean flour, which is high in protein and low in sugar and fat!
  2. For the elderly: Bakerzin’s traditional Bak Kwa Wu Ren mooncake has a velvety caramel pastry that encloses premium walnuts, almonds, macadamias, melon seeds, sesame seeds and even persimmon and winter melon! Tender slivers of Bak Kwa give it a delicious local twist!
  3. For the kids: Get the kids addicted to tradition by letting them taste these fruity snow skin mooncakes from Lush Collection. They can choose from flavours like Lychee Snow Skin, Orange Snow Skin, Strawberry Snow Skin, or the Mango Pomelo Snow Skin! Bakerzin uses the natural sweetness of fruits, less sugar and no artificial sweeteners in their fruity mooncakes!
  4. For young working adults: Called the Bliss Collection for a reason, this range has a naughty chocolate truffle ganache centre that is infused with our favourite liquors. Don’t the Irish Cream Snow Skin and Rum and Raisin Snow Skin sound tempting?

So follow these steps and you will never go wrong! Who knows, you may discover a gem that will leave you wanting more… So start our mooncake exploration today at our fairs!

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