10 Things You Didn't Know You Needed For Your Home



10 Things You Didn't Know You Needed For Your Home

Had a long day at work? You definitely deserve more time for relaxation and enjoyment. Take a peek at this month's Collections and get the low-down on these fantastic little wonders you might have overlooked for handling chores and making life around the house so much easier!

Automatic Wine Opener
Glass of wine anyone? Make your wine quaffing experience that much more exciting with an Automatic Wine Opener, courtesy of Valore. Known for their innovative sophistication and style, Valore has truly found a way to enhance your wine drinking experience with the touch of a button.

For wine enthusiasts or avid party hosts, the automatic wine opener means you can kiss endless twisting and bits of broken cork floating in your favourite bevvy goodbye.

The Automatic Wine Opener is engineered from coated brushed stainless steel for a firm grip and comes complete with a very handy foil cutter to remove seals. Powered by 4 x AA alkaline batteries, all you have to do is tap the button and look on in awe as the cork is removed in seconds!

At just $79.90, you'll get an easy to operate, beautifully designed cylindrical shaped battery operated opener suitable for compact storage. Just to top things off, it will pop a cork cleanly within 30 seconds – brilliant!

Valore is located at Bedok Point #B1-05/06/07/08/09/K15, Causeway Point #04-07, Northpoint #B1-34/35 and YewTee Point #B1-12/13.

Belkin Surge Protector
No one wants their valuable electrical goods destroyed by damaging power surges – right? That’s why the brainy people at Belkin have come up with the perfect solution to unwanted power surges, with the Belkin Surge Protector.

Reasonably priced at just $99, you can protect all your valuable electronics and make great use of its built-in features like an 8-outlet surge strip, and 2 USB ports perfect for charging smart devices like tablets, phablets and phones. You’ll get a mighty 900 joules of surge protection to cover your TV, cable box, and even your home theatre system, complete with a lengthy 2 metre cord for convenience -- Belkin will definitely have you plugged in and switched with this beauty!

Courts is located at Causeway Point #04-19/20.

Samsung Day/Night Full HD WiFi IP Cam
Samsung has made it so much easier to keep an eye on your home with the Day/Night Full HD WiFi IP Cam! This brilliant camera is totally made for now and the future with full High Definition (HD) for clear day/night viewing, WiFi for mobility and Internet Protocol (IP) that, unlike CCTV, allows you to send and receive data via your computer network as well as the internet. 

You’ll have all your home surveillance needs right where you want them with SmartCam viewing through your phone, plus motion and audio alerts, so you don’t miss a thing. At 1080p Full HD Video, you’ll have crisp, clean and clear images that can be enlarged without loss of image quality. The best part? This crystal clear mobile security camera comes at the very affordable price of $219 – thanks for the peace of mind Samsung!

Courts is located at Causeway Point #04-19/20.

LED Table Lamp with Mood Light Function
A lamp that can read your moods better than your other half? Valore is definitely not in the dark with this beautifully designed LED table lamp with mood light function. Light any room and add some special mood to the occasion with the cool multi-coloured LED base.

For just $109, you get both versatility and practicality with the 180-degree bendable neck, a sleek and modern design, as well as a night and mood-light all in one. 

At only 740 grams in weight, it’s easy to move around and the simple touch on/off makes for easy operation – brilliant really!

Zoku Ice Cream Maker
Now you can be cool in so many different ways with the Zoku Ice Cream Maker! Satisfy your tastebuds with a selection of tasty summertime treats like ice cream, custard, frozen yogurt, sorbets and sherbets in under 10 minutes. Whip up some classic flavours like mint chocolate chip, vanilla bean and fresh strawberry or experiment with your own concoction of flavours.

Deliciously priced at just $48.90, this nifty ice cream maker is easy to use and comes with one sturdy stainless steel bowl with a capacity of 5 fl. oz., one protective sleeve and one spoon.

There’s nothing better than being able to make endless amounts of your very own customised ice creams, froyos – yes it makes yogurt as well – and sorbets complete with any toppings you want! With make-time as little as 10 minutes, this cool little gem will become your best summertime friend!

Home-Fix is located at Anchorpoint #B1-28/29, Causeway Point #B1-41, Compass Point #B1-11/12, Eastpoint Mall #B1-01/02 and Northpoint #B1-24/25.

Philips WiFi Projector
Call for a garden-movie party next week everyone. The PPX 4350 Wireless is an amazing little projector that is equipped with HDMI, USB and micro SD slot making it easier than ever to project videos and pictures. It also supports wireless screen mirroring (Miracast compatible) through a Wi-Fi dongle. This means no clumsy cables, making it easy to share pictures and videos straight from your smartphone, phablet or tablet. 

And for a fully mobile cinema experience, the integrated media player and Bluetooth audio function means you can also connect to Bluetooth speakers.

For $698, this pocket-sized projector delivers some real punch and its incredible portability means you can bid farewell to a TV hook-up in every room, clumsy cables and lengthy set-up times -- you can even play videos directly from your USB stick -- you'll have to admit that it is pretty cool!

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
It’s always great to have a little extra help around the home and the D83 automatic floor cleaning robot will become your next best friend. The D83 is fully autonomous, so all you have to do is set the timer and let it do its thing.

Equipped with sensors, the D83 navigates your floor and zips around furniture to give a thorough clean in the most efficient way. It’s fully adaptable to different floor surfaces like hardwood, linoleum, tile, marble and many more. It’s a hard worker and will stick to the job at hand for up to 100 minutes before it needs a recharge/plugin. It will also let you know if it encounters any problems along the way – yes it can speak – wow!

The D83 is not only handy, it’s versatile too. If you have pets, not a problem, if you need your floor mopped, not a problem. All you have to do is add the mop attachment and off it goes.

How much for this priceless little house buddy? At $1,688, you get a 3-in-1 vacuum, mop and polish bot. You’ll never have to worry about cleaning your floors again, freeing you up for the more important things in life -- now that is priceless!

Simple Human Compact Sensor Mirror
We all know what smartphones can do, but what about a smart mirror? Gaze into the future with the Simple Human Compact Sensor Mirror with its multi-sense technology that will adapt to your behaviour. The tru-lux light system simulates natural sunlight, giving you full colour definition and variation - meaning your make-up will be colour correct and flawless when you step out the house!

Long lasting LED lighting will help you shine for years and you won’t have to worry about messy, space hogging power cords because there aren’t any. It’s easy to recharge with a handy USB cord and adapter topping it up with an incredible 5 weeks charge.

Angle positions, so you can see everything, plus 7x magnification giving you all the detail you need. The sensor on/off auto lights up as your face gets closer and it shuts off automatically when you’re finished, making it very efficient on power consumption.

How much for this incredible multi-sense smart mirror? Just $359 -- a small price to pay for flawless, uncluttered beauty!

Home-Fix is located at Anchorpoint #B1-28/29Causeway Point #B1-41Compass Point #B1-11/12Eastpoint Mall #B1-01/02 and Northpoint #B1-24/25.

Furniture and Cabinet Restorer
Protect your furniture and keep it looking spotless with Rejuvenate® Cabinet & Furniture Restorer & Protectant. You’ll save heaps of money in the long run as well as restore and protect all your finished wood surfaces, formica and laminate surfaces anywhere in the home or office. 

The secret is in the polymer-based formula that fills scratches, seals grout, restores the shine and protects surfaces from water damage and new scratches from happening. It also has a handy UV protectant that shields from the sun’s damaging effects with one easy wipe-on application, lasting up to three months.

The great thing about this very handy household product is that it’s easy to use, will save you lots of money, gives your furniture and surfaces lasting protection and only costs $27.90 -- in other words it’s got you totally covered in more ways than one.

Home-Fix is located at Anchorpoint #B1-28/29Causeway Point #B1-41Compass Point #B1-11/12Eastpoint Mall #B1-01/02 and Northpoint #B1-24/25.

The Mayer AirFryer is the ideal kitchen helper for healthier cooking. The AirFryer’s hassle-free frying without oil is easy to use, convenient, has minimal cleaning involved and is perfect for busy working mums on-the-go.

You can grill, fry, bake and roast to your heart’s content, completely fuss-free! The AirFryer comes with a portable handle making it much more convenient to bring on holidays if you so desire, and as long as there’s a power-plug, you’re cooking with air. 

The analog airfryer (pictured left) retails at $98 while the digital airfryer (pictured right) retails at $188. These nifty little kitchen helpers will deliver more healthy meals and its trendy compact design will fit any kitchen -- perfect in every way really!

Mayer is located at Causeway Point #03-13.

We hope you had fun discovering these handy helpers for your home. There’s definitely something for everyone in this wonderful mixed bag of goodies and now that you know more about them, you can give them go!

Disclaimer: Not all products featured in this blog are available at the listed stores. Please call or check in-store to check for product availability and for more details.

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