10 School Holiday Activities With The Kids



10 School Holiday Activities With The Kids

With School Holidays in full swing and Mid-Autumn Festival right around the corner, it's the perfect time to start thinking about how to keep your kids active and let their creative juices flow. We hope this month's Collections will help you plan activities so your kids will be engaged right through the school break and festive season!

Spark the Creativity and Imagination with Clay Art Lessons
Kids love to be creative, and whenever the opportunity arises it’s always great to encourage creativity with fun activities. ClayWorks Clay Art Academy specialises in structured clay art lessons for kids between 3 to 15 years of age. These lessons are fantastic for your child’s cognitive and early childhood development -- it’s also a fresh way to fire up their imagination and creativity!

Studies show that early engagement with 3-Dimentional art such as making clay figurines nurtures creativity, raises aspirations, increases confidence, strengthens fine-motor skills and improves sensory communication – all of which are useful skills for your kids to pick up in their early childhood.

ClayWorks' clay art curriculum is designed to nurture a child’s passion in art as well as to raise child's self-esteem so they can even teach their parents at home. This clever intuitive technique makes for a much more productive bonding experience between child and parent.

Hot Tip!
Art is a time for stress-free creative exploration, so be sure to separate creative education from more formal tuitions. This way, they’ll learn heaps of cool stuff and be too busy having fun to realise it.

ClayWorks' water-based clay is very soft, light and vibrantly coloured which will harden when air dried. All clay and colours used are non-toxic and safe for kids, tested to conform to ASTM standards.

ClayWorks Clay Art Academy is located at Eastpoint Mall #03-26.

Express Yourself through Creative Painting and Drawing Classes
Another fantastic way for the kids to stay creatively stimulated during the holidays is to explore hands-on learning with colourful art. Studio Miu Art offers great opportunities for children of all ages to express themselves through painting and drawing. Children learn to use their imagination to express their inner selves, inspiring them to communicate in new ways.

When parents and children enjoy this activity together, they not only learn a new skill, it’s also a perfect bonding experience. Creating something original together has special meaning and the finished product is an everlasting reminder of that special time spent together.

Hot Tip!
Every art work created is a unique expression of your child’s thoughts and ideas. So the only real rule for a fun and successful workshop experience is to -- express yourself!

Studio Miu Art is located at The Centrepoint #03-34/35.

Embark on a Family Adventure at the Arcade
What parents sometimes don’t realise is that when kids play games, they unknowingly develop their psychomotor skills. It’s also a fun activity the whole family can enjoy together!

Timezone Family Entertainment Centre (FEC) is a family-friendly brand that offers kids and big kids at heart a bright, colourful and cosy ambiance. It’s packed with the latest and greatest games for a totally fun-filled experience - you can even win prizes!

The family gaming experience has a very positive bonding aspect that helps to build teamwork, especially when playing a tag team game together. Being family-oriented, Timezone is the perfect excuse for families to get out of the house and experience some exhilarating gaming adventures.

Timezone is located at Causeway Point #05-01/#07-02Compass Point #B1-07 and Northpoint #03-19/20/21/22.

Indulge in Video Games at Home
If you’re after a relaxing day at home with the family, in-house gaming is a great way to get together and have some fun.

Zepy Games has a vast library of the latest and hottest games for Xbox One, Xbox360, PS4, PS3, Wii U and PC. With most video games designed to be played between two people or more, they can also be used to teach children about teamwork, problem solving, and reading literacy.  

Family-oriented games provide parents the opportunity to create their own ‘teaching moments’, as well as understand more about their kids through the games they love to play.

Wii U has one of the best varieties of family gaming, especially if you have young children or if you are fairly new to gaming. The games are great for the whole family, from the youngest right up to the grandparents. 

Hot Tip!
A favourite for families is Wii U’s Mario Kart, 3D Mario World and Splatoon -- they’re great fun to play together, family friendly and easy to learn.

Zepy Games is located at 
Causeway Point #03-14 and Northpoint #03-10/11.

Get Hands-on with Scrapbooking Activities
Scrapbooking can help you and your kids discover new ways to preserve memories, express yourselves and encourage as much creativity as possible!

You don't need a major life event or milestone to start scrapbooking. You can start by collecting everyday photos and writing down the stories behind them. Better yet, get your kids to go outside and take the photos themselves! Another way to reap some wonderful, yet inexpensive page enhancements is by encouraging your child to add their own sketches and drawings into the book. Every page can have its own character and story – use stickers, coloured paper or even hand-written notes to make them pop! These are just some ways to make your scrapbook more valuable and personalised.

Hot Tip!
If you’d like ready-made options to assemble, look for scrapbooking kits at Artbox.

Artbox is located at 
Causeway Point #03-22/23.

Splash Away at the Swimming Pool
A fantastic way to cool-off in the hot weather, swimming and water games have long been a favourite for families during the holidays. Taking a dip in the pool or at the beach is an affordable way to exercise, beat the heat, and spend some quality time together.

To make it more enjoyable for your little ones, you can head to Sengkang Swimming Complex, Chua Chu Kang Swimming Complex, Jurong East/ West Swimming Complex or Pasir Ris Swimming Complex where it is complete with water park facilitites such as pool slides, jacuzzis and a lazy river.

Cool Tip!
It costs up to $2 per entry for adults and up to $1 per entry for children to our local swimming pools, which means if you are a family of four, you will spend less than $10 on this healthy outdoor activity together!

Challenge your Family to a Night of Board Games
Fancy a quiet afternoon or evening in with the family? Breaking out a good board game is the perfect solution to get everyone around the dining table for a good laugh!

Board games are not only fun, they can be an excellent source of valuable ‘life lessons’ for children and adults, developing skill sets such as planning, strategising and even social skills.

Whilst there are the much loved family classic board games most of us grew up with, here are some other board games from The Better Toy Store that you might want to add to your game library at home.

HABA, one of the best-known German toymakers today, produces a wide range of award-winning toys and board games trusted by parents the world over.

One of their most exciting games is ‘Orchard’, which can only be won through the co-operation of all players, making it the perfect choice for the family. Younger children learn to work towards a common goal, building their social skills as well as learning colour and shape recognition, and even counting and sorting skills. The game is also adaptable for older kids.

Some other educational games include ‘Clumsy Witch’, designed specifically to develop concentration, information retention and skills such as risk management, adaptability, critical thinking and problem solving in children. Varying degrees of difficulty make it a hit with all age groups.

Hot Tip!
Dancing Eggs, with its innovating packaging, is a run-around-and-laugh-your-head-off game, and is one of the best indoor party games ever invented! It fosters fine & gross motor skills, bilateral skills and social interaction, with players developing quick reflexes and good dexterity -- Well-loved for creating unforgettable moments!

The Better Toy Store is located at 
The Centrepoint #03-07/07A/08. 

Create Memorable Celebrations by Planning a Party
It goes without saying, kids love parties and working with your children to plan a party can be a great bonding experience. It gives them the chance to learn how to be organised, creative, make decisions and work as part of a team. It’s even sweeter watching them enjoy the fruits of their fun-filled labour.

There are loads of party themes you can work with, depending on age, gender, preferences and budget. Princess parties are very popular with the girls, while superheroes, army or sports themed parties are favoured by the boys. If you need to cater for both boys and girls, you can always consider generic themes such as a barnyard animal party. Another interesting theme trending today is popular cartoon characters for both boys and girls.

Great party ideas include piñatas filled with goodies, party games, a best costume contest, and of course, colourful balloons, streamers and fun party favours to make the day a truly memorable one.

Hot Tip!
Working with an interesting theme that suits your audience will keep them intrigued and excited. Inform your guests of the theme in your invitation cards and encourage them to dress-up for the party. Goodie bags and balloons are perfect for your little guests to take home as a memento. Don't forget to grab all your party needs from Party with Us!

Party wit Us is located at 
The Centrepoint #05-14.

Head Outdoors for a Family Picnic
A good old fashioned picnic never really goes out of style! In fact, you can revamp the classic picnic into any style you want, to cater for any age group, boys and girls. Anything that involves an adventure away from home, tasty food, fresh air, and some fun games thrown in makes for the perfect family bonding experience.

The key to a great picnic is a large grassy field, great food, snacks and drinks for the kids as well as a nice shady location with plenty of room to spread out, relax and play.

Mmmm! has a range of ready-to-heat products that are not only time-saving, they can be really popular with the kids too! Their Wagyu Beef Ball comes in bite sizes and can be served as skewered sticks. If you want to make delicious sandwiches or burgers, you can also try their Wagyu Beef Burger Patty. 

Mmmm! is located at 
Anchorpoint #B1-58 and Changi City Point #B1-23.

Bake Together
Get your kids to join you as little kitchen helpers to create a new dish or bake up a storm this holiday! Besides being a fun and interactive activity, baking can hone a child’s fine motor skills and teach them the importance of following instructions, kitchen safety, hygiene and working well with others. Who knows, you might even discover a budding little chef in the making!

For first timers, you can try making picnic-friendly toasted sandwiches, or baking pancakes and biscuits! For experienced bakers, you can explore delicious cupcakes, pastries and muffins.

Ideal baking activities for kids up to 5 years old might be learning to decorate cakes, roll and knead dough, cut shapes with cookie cutters and spread toppings on bread to make our favourite breakfast - Kaya Toast. Children over 5 years of age can learn to add and mix ingredients and make simple cakes, meals or desserts.

Be it for preparation, cooking or baking, easy-to-use equipment are always a bonus, and if they are also quirky and cute, it makes the session a lot more enjoyable and fun.  Head to Harvey Norman for cool kitchen gadgets such as the Hello Kitty toaster, sandwich maker as well as all your essential cooking equipment to make the best out of your make and bake session with your kids.

Hot Tip!
If you and your kids love baking, opt for a kitchen mixer with multiple attachments to save you time and money. A good kitchen mixer should serve multiple functions such as kneading, baking, whisking, chopping and even juicing.

Harvey Norman is located at 
Bedok Point #B1-01/02, #B1-16 to 32, #B1-K1 to K14 and Northpoint #B2-27/28/29/30/31.

There’s certainly plenty of fun family-friendly activities to keep everyone happily busy this School Holidays and Mid-Autumn Festival season! We hope this month’s Collections has given you good ideas on how to make yours a really fruitful and exciting one!

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