Homegrown Brands That Have Made Us Proud



Homegrown Brands That Have Made Us Proud

It's Singapore's 50th birthday – This year, we celebrate 50 years of independence and the nation's rise from a humble fishing village to a prosperous first world country and the place we proudly call home.

In this month's special edition of Collections, we celebrate some of our nation's most iconic home-grown brands which have made us truly proud.

Bee Cheng Hiang
Causeway Point #B1-40 and Compass Point #B1-03

In 1933, a very enterprising migrant, Mr Teo Swee Ee, set out on a journey to introduce the traditional snack of Bakkwa to Singapore. He peddled his mobile cart through the streets of Chinatown, selling his unique and tasty homemade barbecued meat.

With the support of his family, Mr Teo did brisk business during the festive season, tirelessly selling his high quality delicacy and eventually building Bee Cheng Hiang. Today, Bakkwa is a must-have delicacy for every household during Chinese New Year.

Bee Cheng Hiang has grown considerably since the simple days of Mr Teo’s peddle cart over 80 years ago, and has become a thriving enterprise with 260 outlets across 10 countries.

As a speciality Bakkwa store, Bee Cheng Hiang began with Bakkwa and pork floss and expanded to a wide variety of products. The sweet barbecue aroma of the succulent meat has ensured Bee Cheng Hiang’s place at the heart of Singapore’s food heritage and made it a popular household name.

SG50 Promotion
Bee Cheng Hiang will be launching an island-wide monthly promotion from August to December 2015 to celebrate SG50. Keep a look out for their exclusive SG50 themed promotions at their outlets. For more information, check out their Facebook page!


Opening their very first retail store in 1982, Challenger is now a dynamic regional IT retailer and a well-known local brand name. Since its humble beginnings, Challenger has come a long way with 47 stores consisting of Superstores, Mini stores, Valore concept stores and Musica stores right across Singapore.

With its popular ValueClub programme, Challenger has carved out a unique niche. Its rapid expansion has given rise to its very own private-labelled brand Valore, well-known for its focus on lifestyle products, propelling them to the status of a market leader in Singapore’s IT retail scene.

Technology has certainly come a long way since Challenger first opened its doors and began selling hard-copy computer books and software in boxes - both of which have gone digital over the past decade. As a local brand, Challenger is committed to provide jobs for Singaporeans throughout its chain of operations.

SG50 Promotion
Challenger customers will be able to get right into the spirit with SG50 limited edition Valore products. Challenger has also extended their 2-year membership renewals for members aged 60 and above. They are also extending 50% off any Valore products and 50% off five or more PRS products. This promotion is only valid for ValueClub members over the 4-day Jubilee Weekend.


Founded in 1969 by Madam Ong, mother of now Managing Director Mr Tan Tiong Hwa, Fragrance, began its operations as a small stall. Fragrance has since expanded to 36 outlets across Singapore selling the delicious barbecued meat (Bakkwa) that made the iconic Singaporean brand what it is today. Over the years, Fragrance has added new flavours of Bakkwa and flosses to its menu. 

Their most popular product, Signature Sliced Tender Bakkwa, is made using a new and improved method. Instead of mincing the meat to create the Bakkwa, they use sliced meat shredded into strips, making it softer, tastier and a very popular choice with their customers.

Another favourite item on the menu is their Crispy Bakkwa & Almond, which is paper thin. Using their secret recipe, this delicious snack is made from fresh pork and almonds before being grilled to perfection. It’s ideal for parties, functions and can also be enjoyed as a simple TV snack. 

Fragrance is proud to be a true Singapore brand and all their Bakkwa and flosses are 100% manufactured locally in Singapore. Traditional recipes have been passed down and maintained from the beginning using precious Chinese herbs such as Ginseng & Wolfberry as a completely natural preservative.

Mr Bean
Causeway Point #01-K06, Changi City Point #B1-21, Compass Point #01-37, Eastpoint Mall #01-05 and YewTee Point #B1-47

Mr Bean sprang into life in 1995 with their first store opening at the People’s Park Complex. In the early days, soya milk was produced in factories and delivered to hawker stores in the morning. This often meant that once supplies were sold out, they would not be restocked for the rest of the day. To address this lack of supply, Mr Bean launched a new compact machine that could produce fresh soya milk on-site throughout the entire day, making customers very happy indeed.

Over the years, Mr Bean has invested heavily in Research & Development (R&D) to enhance product advances. This hard work has meant premium, high quality Non-Genetically Modified (Non-GMO) soya beans and tasty, natural and nutritious soya milk.

With just 2 products in 1995, Mr Bean now boasts over 30 items on their menu. The Soft Serve Soya Ice-Cream is one of their proudest inventions - This delicious high quality product has been awarded the Health Promotion Board Healthier Snack Logo since 2004. This award is a testament to the amount of dedication and hard work that goes into creating customer favourites amongst the young and old alike. 

Mr Bean is extremely proud to be a home-grown and iconic Singapore brand and develops local recipes to reflect this, such as their Chendol Soya Milk and Bandung Soya Milk, which are local favourites.

SG50 Promotion
Mr Bean will be celebrating SG50 with several promotions and events including the SG50 Seniors Package (Organised by Ministry of Health), NDP Funpacks Promotional Coupons and NDP F&B Sponsorship.

Old Chang Kee
Bedok Point #01-K1, Causeway Point #01-K11, Changi City Point #B1-K2, Compass Point #01-38, Northpoint #01-01 and YewTee Point #01-37

In 1956, Old Chang Kee started out as a small store in a coffee shop, just outside the former Rex Cinema in McKenzie Road. Today Old Chang Kee has become Singapore’s favourite curry puff brand and customers today continue to love their signature curry puff stuffed with mouth-watering curry potatoes, chicken and egg with special herbs and spices.

From its humble beginnings in McKenzie Road, Old Chang Kee expanded its curry puff operation from road kiosks to modern shopping malls and petrol stations. Over the years they’ve diversified to extend their range to include other products such as chicken wings, spring rolls, sotong balls, fish balls and crab claws. 

Their full product range in 2015 is lovingly produced with the same high quality standards as in 1956, making them a very proud and truly classic Singapore brand. 

SG50 Promotion
Old Chang Kee embraces its heritage by being involved in local festivities and great local traditions. With Singapore celebrating her 50th birthday this year, Old Chang Kee will join in the celebration with new product launches of local street food concepts such as their new Chicken Satay ’O as well as 50 cents promotions.


In 1980 R. Sim Trading Co. began selling household goods such as knife sharpeners. Within 2 years they expanded to selling healthy lifestyle products, which included handheld massagers and foot reflexology rollers. Today, Singapore-based OSIM has expanded the business globally and has evolved into a brand management and niche marketing company fully focused on consumer well-being.

As an innovation-driven company, OSIM constantly enhances innovative-retail concepts to produce successful well-being products with the use of superior design, technology and quality.

With 4 speciality retail brands including OSIM, Richlife, TWG Tea, GNC and over 830 outlets in more than 11 countries, it’s no wonder OSIM is ranked as Asia’s number 1 healthy lifestyle products brand.

At the heart of the OSIM brand are four complimentary categories covering the well-being niche. These include Relax and Relief, Tone and Shape, Clean and Purify, Check and Measure -- all aimed at positive attitude and lifestyle.
OSIM is well-known for their range of innovative massage chairs and have produced iconic products such as uDivine and uAngel to name just a few.

OSIM is proud to stand tall as a world class business success and is committed to continue striving towards greater significance, achieving sustainability, stability and growth just like Singapore is progressing through this 50 year milestone and counting.

SG50 Promotion
OSIM is very proud to be part of this year’s National Day parade contingent and, in conjunction with SG50, OSIM will be introducing a limited edition red colour uMagic. 500 sets of these specially made OSIM uMagic will have a serialised SG50 emblem. The limited editon uMagic SG50 is now available at all OSIM outlets and roadshows.


In 2006, Pedro debuted its brand in Singapore with men’s footwear. Within 3 years, they expanded their range to include a women’s footwear collection.

The men’s collection comprises of contemporary footwear, bags, belts and wallets with stand-out designs. The women’s collection comprises of a diverse line of elegant, feminine footwear and classically designed bags with a chic modern twist. Since its launch in 2006, Pedro has expanded its presence to 14 countries with 80 stores worldwide.

Despite strong presence in many parts of the world, Pedro continues to take pride in their local beginnings and ensures that its styles are well received in the local market.

As a proud Singapore brand, Pedro will be celebrating SG50 with the introduction of an exclusive collection – “Florets of Style”, with a contemporary representation of the Vanda Miss Joaquim orchid – Singapore’s National flower. “Florets of Style” signifies an exquisite coalescence of nature’s appeal and new-age luxe, with distinct elements of purple flora petals and edgy monochrome vectors. This stunning graphic will be featured on their casual sneakers for urban men and women, a portfolio for men and clutch for women. 

SG50 Promotion
In the lead up to the National Day celebration, limited edition EZ-link cards imprinted with the “Florets of Style” print will be complimentary with any purchase from the collection. The “Florets of Style” collection will be available in selected Pedro stores from July 2015, for a limited period only.  

This year, we join as a nation to celebrate our extraordinary 50 year milestone of independence and remarkable achievement. As we gather together in celebrations of all kinds, we hope you’ve enjoyed this humble tribute to just a few of the many home-grown brands that have made us proud and continue to do so - Happy Birthday Singapore!


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